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    On Aug 10, 2013 Tim wrote:

    There is a time  when one takes stock of all the benevolence one has met through life and the often unaccounted for kindness that surrounds  one. So did the author in these monasteries. I remember a previous passage we were invited to reflect upon, from Albert Einstein, where the author suggested that, at some point, one had to answer for him/herself whether life was a good or a bad, let's say, event. A lot depended on that answer. If I answer that there is such a thing as goodness and that it manifested in my life in many occasions and still manifests, like, as it were, with this forum, then why be unhappy?
    To me happiness cannot be directly aimed for, for then we look for it, as the author says, in the wrong places, we are the prey of illusion. I see happiness as the by-product of an inward balance, clarity. And if this state is not there to start with then I need first to look into my unhappiness. There is a lot to look at, a lot to see before, as someone said, one can feel free as a singing bird in a clear sky. The drive towards inward freedom is the same as the drive towards happiness.

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    On Aug 10, 2013 lfm wrote:

    My brother Tim tells his children, when looking for a friend/spouse, seek one inwardly content.  Happiness comes from internal contentment (and since we are human, happiness and contentment are not what we can expect to experience the majority of our days/time here on earth.)  I see Happiness as being a reward for faithfulness . . . to God and to the world I am able to touch.
    You are right on, Tim, with your above comments!  Thank you for them!
    At this particular moment, praying you are content,

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