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    On Sep 15, 2018 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

    How I relate to others, how I hold them in my hands and listen to them compassinately and mindfully is a work of love. That work itself is love.  Most of the time I relate this way to people who are close to me. In my workplace I experience such heart to heart connections with children and my colleagues. Such experiences bring lots of joy and fufillment and create deep connectedness with each other.

    Last week I got a call from a friend of mine whose husband killed himself as a way of ending his suffering. She was very concerned about the effect of this tragic death on her 20 years old son who loved his dad deeply. Her son has been going through depression for quite some. I deeply felt for her and for her son. I told her that I will be happy to help her son.She expressed deep gratitude for being willing to  help her son. And when she shared this information with her son, he was  deeply touched by it. He felt that someone cares for him, someone is with him, someone loves him. That lifted his spirit up. He called me this morning.I held him and listened to him.The  is work of love and it is love. This is spiiritual living-holding with love, listening to with compassion-doing small things with great love as Mother Teressa puts it.

    I would like to conclude with the the concluding words of Mark Nepo: "Simply and profoundly, the work of love is to love.For in that act the Universe comes alive. Such aliveness is the space that opens between us, as Martin Buber says, when two bow and touch in a true way."

    May we bow and touch in a true way, everyday!

    Jagdish P Dave


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    On Sep 20, 2018 Namaste wrote:

     We do!

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