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    On Jul 17, 2013 T wrote:

    Is the searcher different from that which he/she searches? Won't its findings be thought projected? Can thought reach beyond itself? When thought observes its own process it comes to see its limitation and then, logically, comes to a standstill. Not to another conclusion. If it is a conclusion then it is just another production of thought.  The observation of the thought process reveals that thought is not the proper instrument. This ends the search but creates space for something unknown to manifest. Not that it will! Or, as amy says, once seen the necessity to keep the restless seeker alone, let That come to you if That will. Supremely free. 

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    On Jul 17, 2013 Amy wrote:

    I  appreciate your thoughts!  
    We all do a lot of "seeking"  . . . Interesting, however, my most valuable assets in life, "found me"  on my "off seeking" time.  just when we turn the lights out, "Someone" turns a light on again . . . This one brighter!  thanks be to God!

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