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    On Jul 16, 2013 Paul wrote:

    Clear and effective communication is so important. Knowing where people are at and how to assist them in leading themselves. Many teachers miss this most important aspect of expression, because sometimes they have lost the ability to relate to others.

    A professional musician, for instance may or may not be a good teacher. He has to be able to relate to a five year old who has never picked up an instrument. This is what separates many, and many can talk the talk, this is easy, but to assist others, actually assist them. Very few can do this, and they certainly are not "Masters", they are people like us who've worked a little longer.

    Keep well and in good health.

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    On Jul 17, 2013 Dr. Kanhaiyalal Sharma wrote:

     Futility of Search. This nice article. Mind has been rightly compared to monkey who jumps up and jumps down continuously until he is tired. Likewise our mind wanders until it is tired. Only  tired mind becomes restful and peaceful. I appreciate the suggestion that let the things go on flow and accept them as they are. This is the state of indifference or putting yourself in the situation of witness only and not to indulge in them. In Gita it is called kshashibhava. You can judge a thing when your are not involved in and participant.
    Dr. kanhaiyalal Sharma

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