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    On Sep 8, 2018 david doane wrote:

     We're all asleep and in denial in some ways and to some extent.  The essence of me is my soul, which isn't really mine and it's more accurate to say I belong to it rather than it belongs to me.  This soul that I call mine is the extension of Soul or Being and is the essence of me.  Busyness more than anything gets in my way of focusing more on my soul.  I'm too often busy doing instead of being.  A baby is simply and purely being.  Little children are good at being.  I believe that's why Jesus said unless you become like little children you won't enter heaven, which is here and now to the extent we are being.  Being is most important and whatever helps one awaken to Being is important to do.  I was in a state of unconscious sleep walking through my teens, unconsciously abiding by the rules and beliefs about life that I had learned, and in my early twenties I began to what I believe was to see what is, see beyond the shoulds and illusions, and begin to open my eyes to spiritual enlightenment.  It's been a slow and unsteady process since then.  Now I know, as wise others have said, I am a spiritual being having a human experience, not a human being having an occasional spiritual experience.  What helps me bring forth what is deepest in me is the process of doing it, with the help of tools like reading, reflection, meditation, discussion.  More leads to more.

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