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    On Sep 7, 2018 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

     Know thyself or who am I  is a question, an inquiry that I find in all wisdom tradions. What is really Real? Whai  is Reality, my individual Reality and Universal Reality? Am I Sleeping or Awake? What happens when I sleep and keep on sleeping or wake up for a while and go back to sleep? I have been tackling these basic questions of living for quite some time. The first step for me is to recognise and be aware of my sleeping. The second step for me is to remain awake and not to go back to sleep. This has helped me in making wise choices. Remaing awake is a serious business with serious consequences. It affects not only me but people connected with me and even people far away from me. We see how the egocentric behaviors of the people in power are affecting the lives not only of people but also the whole planet.

    Two days ago I was counseling one of my clients who has been going through a lot of anger, resentment, frustration anguish and hurt by what her thirty five years old son has been doing-acting selfishly many many times. I helped her to be aware of how she was letting her hands burnt over and over by not learning from her painful experiences and by holding onto something beyond her control and hurting herself by not letting go of the thoughts and feelings of anger and hurt she has been holding on inside herself. What is inside of us comes outside of us. I asked her to be calm and still and feel the presence of Jesus in her heart and listen to Jesus's words of wisdom to heal her wounding heart. It was an awakening experience for her and I was happy to see her awakening and being at peace with herself. This experience filled my heart with light of love and gratitude.

    I have learned the necessity of deligently and consistently practicing  to be mindful of myself to remain awake when I start going to sleep. The wise words of Jesus need to be used as a mantra for awakening. Awakening saves us and others and sleeping destroys us and others.

    May we walk on the path of awakening for our goodness and for the goodness of others in our life!


    Jagdish P Dave

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