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    On Jun 23, 2013 Swamy Vigyananand wrote:

     The problems with Astrology & Horrorscopes are manifold. Categorizing over 7 billion people in just 12 groups is the least of those! It’s perhaps less worse than ‘numerology’, one of the bastards of Astrology. The only thing 'scientific' in Astrology is the mathematical predictability of astral bodies (astronomy).
    Over the millennia, conmen have made billions from this lone fact. Those who indulge in [mis]fortune-telling ‘for free’, have wasted their time …& misled countless others…, those who have done fortune-telling ‘for a fee’ have wasted both time & robbed their clients of money & misled them at worse or given false hope at best!
    Being ‘free’ has never increased the value, or credibility of any advice/service!
    Astrology (both Indian & Western --& in many other forms) has glaring faults:
    In essence, astrology is a multi-storey SCAM: house of cards built with staggering absurdity.
    The ground floor: The only true ‘foundation’ – Predictive astronomical calculations
    ·             Apart from the mathematically accurate predictability of the past positions & future movement of planetary bodies (determined by Astronomy), there is nothing ‘scientific’ about astrology.
    The first storey of astrological-house-of-cards built on the spec-of-universal-dust planet Earth!
    ·             Astrology is ‘speculative fad’ with no possibility ever of proving it right in 1 million years.
    ·             There is no proof behind the varied Predictions in Astrology (PiA), which hardly concur. (e. g., PK Atre anecdote, ‘Pot Pourri of universally-applicable & ambiguous ‘feel-good’ quips)
    ·             It’s perhaps less worse than ‘numerology’, one of the bustards of Astrology.
    ·             Predictions and calculations in Astrology (PaCiA) are earth-centric. Their ‘reference point’ is some inaccurate point on surface of earth, itself a spec of matter in the vast universe.
    For the real scale of universe, go to:           & click on ‘play’.
    ·             PaCiA ignore the actual astronomical distances in the ‘constellations’ made of stars, which appear ‘close’ & related to each other from the earthly perspective. They would look a lot different even from Saturn …or Alpha-Centauri group, the nearest star from our solar system.
    ·             Human conception takes 40 weeks to birth & the process of birth may last from an hour to 20 hours! So the starting point of ‘time of birth’ is not a moment & it can never be accurate.
    ·             Same goes for reference points of ‘place of birth’. A birth area may be 100sq ft, but astrologers are a happy with names/ vague co-ordinates of cities! And Google-Earth maps record co-ordinates of a place to SIX decimal points of degrees of meridians!
    ·             Astrologers rate the sun (star), moon (planet’s planet) and Rahu-Ketu (imaginary bodies / comets) all on par & ignore, or are unable to include in their PaCiA Uranus-Neptune-Pluto!
    ·             We KNOW all astrological planets are either hot or frozen rock or giant balls of frozen gas with astronomical details of their movements, appearance, chemical composition, atmosphere, moons and accurate information about their other physical attributes.
    ·             Due to the vast distances separating us, all planetary bodies other than perhaps the moon, are unlikely to exert even their gravitational force on us with any significant effect; let alone affecting individual ‘human earth-beings’ ‘differently’ with relation to each other!
    ·             If ‘light’ and ‘cosmic radiation’ were the relevant factors, then our fortunes ought to be affected by quinZillions of stars in billions of galaxies whose light (& radiation) reaches earth. If they could have such effect, it is impossible to compute or predict the same in case of each individual [star or human] with any accuracy. [This is as impossible as some ‘god watching, recording &/or accounting for ‘what everyone of us [i.e., all beings that ever lived] did during their lives for the past 65 million years,  … is doing & will do…for eternity!’]
    The second storey of astrological-SCAM!: Everything changes with time, always!
    ·             Even if one believes, for a moment, that the 9 planets as [ab]used by the astrologers do affect the fortunes of ‘human earth-beings’, the effect must be contemporaneous or momentary, i.e., ‘here and now’, like falling of sunlight, rain or snow. It is ludicrous to believe that these planets could have a ‘snap-shot’ effect on the future of each of the ‘earth-beings’ (humans, other living beings, trees(?!), countries, organisations & even companies!), simply because (i) planets continue to exist (& exert whatever ‘effect’) & (ii) people continue to live after birth (for the variable periods of their respective life-span). It would be quite outrageous to believe that one’s life-events are determined by the ‘snap-shot’ planetary position depending upon (vague time-place of) birth, or affected by the ever-changing interrelationship of the celestial bodies, that never remain static in this expanding universe!
    The third storey of the astrological-SCAM house-of-cards!: Of ineffective remedy!!
    ·             The outrageous ‘con’ in astrology becomes obvious when a person with ‘bad planetary situation / prediction’ is told that it is possible to influence these all-powerful majestic fate-mongerers! One could alter, mitigate, avert or even cancel -- one’s ‘BAD situation’ only (i) by BUYing expensive gemstones & wearing them in GOLD rings on one’s fingers, often hidden in clothing and not the top of one’s head, where the planet’s light would logically fall’, or (ii) by performing some ridiculous rituals, always expensive and sometimes including charity, which, anyway no one is prevented from performing for its own sake!
    ·             Conclusion: Belief in Astrology is next to ‘belief in god-superstition’: Almost equally stupid!

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