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    On Jun 17, 2013 amy wrote:

    For God so loved . . . He created every little "micro thing/life form" that "IS".
    As God IS Love . . . He has imbedded His Seal/His Love on EVERYTHING/ONE created.

    This evening, after a significant rain fall, my dog and I biked to the Kwik Trip  for some milk and eggs.  The green grass, clover, bullfrogs, duck, heron, pelican, sky, puddles, passing people, smiles, small conversations, church, school, children playing, sounds all around, cool breezes, air (I pumped up my tires at the KT) . . . honestly, I could go on and on . . . :  Micro and Macro "Love forms" abound.
    When one lives in love, in God, in heightened awareness of the "micro" (the small stuff), you're really living LARGE!

    Celebrating Father's Day this past weekend, my (earthly) Father encouraged EVERYONE present to walk around the home we were invited to (which happened to be my brother's home) to take in the beauty of this day.  Dad (at 77 years of age) has instilled, in each one of his children, an appreciation for plants, trees, birds, animals, weather . . . all things NATURE.  

    For God so Loved  . . . at no cost . . . with no strings . . . we've Love surrounding us . . . in the "little things"!

    Happy Fathers Day!   

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    On Jun 20, 2013 Maya wrote:

     Amy, your comment is so right on; your father has given you a great gift in helping his children appreciate God's gift of Nature.  I have learned this lesson a little later in life, but what a gift it is to appreciate Nature as God present among us.

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