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    On Jun 14, 2013 Conrad P. Pritscher wrote:

     Thank you for the opportunity to respond.  I believe when one is healthy, one is more likely to love, and when one loves, one is more likely to become more healthy. Love can be a micro moment of positive connection and I think it can be much more than that, That "more" can't be easily said.  When one is peaceful there is a greater chance for one being compassionate and loving.  When one is loving and compassionate there is greater chance for being peaceful.  Love, in the sense of compassion for others and self, is more than an emotion.  I see it as a way of being.  I am reminded of the word enthusiasm which comes from the Greek word etheos, the God within.  When a person experiences oneness with everyone and everything then one has  God within.  As a person is one with the universe, that  is something like a wave and the ocean being one.  When we use words as we frequently do, we at times overly intellectualize, and as the former University of Michigan philosopher, Abraham Kaplan said: "It has almost become a metaphysical doctrine and the whole point is lost."  What Kaplan is talking about he says:"is nothing at all special, and this, of course, is what makes it seem so extraordinary."  Kaplan goes on to explain that he does not want life to be a metaphysical exercise.  He wants people to avoid living "like those amateur musicians who were always practicing the piano but never playing."  Kaplan thought we want to learn how to better live.  When one is certain about what is going to happen next, one is often closed to what else might happen.  Next, like tomorrow, is never here now.  Now is all there is and I am unsure of what I am saying.  Warm and kind regards to everyone.

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    On Jun 19, 2013 liz tella wrote:

     what i agree with most at the moment is that love is temporary and not unconditional. 
    love may be overrated as is. filial love is too temporary, fleeting and mostly condition. true love should be actionalised and not just confessed. a lot of people have felt incredible love that made them happy and more healthy but gave up on it. i would like to know love's boundaries. who should you love? can you control it? 
    this should be a focal point. how far should you go to love?

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