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    On May 8, 2007 Supun wrote:

    1 more thought: Fear is ok as long as it's an internal struggle. But when I think of the 'war on terror', I think of how it's used uselessly to drive people away from rational thought. I guess, it's easy for an individual to not feel fear, but really easy for society to react as a group in the wrong way. One of my fears is that the bullshitter leaders of the world use fear in ways that we (people that assume good intent) don't anticipate. I'm afraid of how people use color coded security alerts to drive something like the 'Iraq War'. There's other things similar like, 'why am I so fearful so as to need a well fertiziled lawn, to allow factory farming, to (not) think I need a microwave, styro-foam cups, and flushing toilet, need to lock my door to people I don't know...' I'm not sure this is all because of fear, but I think it's part of it. On another note, Is it proper to not be ready to die?

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