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    On May 11, 2013 david doane wrote:

     My first writing of this seems to have gotten lost in cyberspace, so I do this second writing in a state of some frustration and aggravation -- the opportunity to let go and be is immediate for me at the moment. The author of this piece said well what being nothing means.  To me, being nothing means being no thing, attached to no thing including to no think, no assumption, no prediction, no expectation, no agenda.  It means being in pure process, detached from any content.  It means being totally in the present, totally in isness.  I think of doing as different than being in that doing implies committing some physical or mental action.  However, I think truly doing no thing means to be in a state of being no thing, and the two are the same.  That's too much thinking for me, so I'll move on.  I was in being no thing in utero and for a short time thereafter, and since then I've had only moments of being no thing, and those moments were few and brief.  For me, being no thing is a state of detachment from things and awareness of being part of all that is and one with all that is.  That state, that feeling and awareness, is a moment of heaven. 

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    On May 15, 2013 Bijay wrote:

     Is it possible to experience true nothingness as a human being who is alive? Whatever state we can reach (through the practice of mindfulness, yoga, meditation, silence, gentleness, or just by chance, etc.) that we call the state of nothingness is "something" that we distinguish as different from the state of "not nothingness" as perceived by us.  I may feel something that I recognize as very unique for me and I give it a name "nothingness." Somebody else hears the word "nothingness" and assigns it to a unique feeling for him or her.  Can we be sure that these two unique feelings of "nothingness" of two different human beings are the same?  Is "nothing" truly different from "something."  Everything seems unknowable to human beings when you dive sufficiently deep into it. We will always live our life in a world that is unique for each of us. Let there be peace in it!

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    On May 15, 2013 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

     Nothingness is not a thing. If it is not a thing, it is beyond a  thing-an experience or realization of being, a state of being,oneness within and without, having no conceptual boundary, indescribable in words. So i  need to be silent and let the silence speak for itself.

    Jagdish P Dave

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