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    On Apr 23, 2013 Chronossa wrote:

    I think the basic idea is that if we have to learn to love ourselves and to accept ourselves the way we are and after we have removed the false negative layers where the ego is hiding behind (like worry, doubt, fear etc-to name a few) we are able to love and to receive love without attachment...
    I personally have experienced the full scenario that is described in this article.
    But during the process to remove these layers- I have also learned to accept myself for who I am , where I am and what I have done.
    And I have surrendered to that , as what is is and we can only change the future 'now'. I recently developed strong emotional feelings for someone and I desire a future with that person-but as I am enough with myself I won't need him and will accept whatever way this relationship will turn out to. Which in itself is a fantastic experience as my perception of reality has changed during the discovery of the ego and 'its' negative thoughts. So the way I feel now is different than in the past as I am enough to myself and won't seek  something that my ego was telling me I can find in another person. Of course I desire him physically as I would like to share my 'energies' with him and it is a nice thing to experience our hobbies together and to talk about more deeper things like the things in this article (:-).) but it is okay if that is never going to happen as I have got myself and as having a 'loving' partnership is not the only way to experience love as love (for me) is to be able to feel the energy from where we all came from and go to when we die. And that in itself is enough :-).
    I have book marked this page and will come back here more often when it feels right :-)
    Thank you for this article...

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