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    On Apr 19, 2013 david doane wrote:

     "Speed kills."  That is true more ways than one.  The frenetic lifestyle of our culture hypnotizes and kills us.  Joseph Campbell said we strive a lifetime climbing the ladder of success only to find one day the ladder is leaning up against the wrong wall.  Speed is a wrong wall.  It's the treadmill or rat race that we find ourselves on.  It's important to get off the treadmill, move the ladder off the speed wall, and slow down.  Engage a speed that allows me/you to enjoy the moment, be mindful of what is happening, relax, take time to smell the roses.  My relationship with speed has for the most part not been a happy one.  Moving fast or rushing has resulted in my not enjoying the process, making mistakes, and getting myself agitated, stressed, and sometimes even sick or injured.  Of course we have time.  The issue is how we use it.  I've become more aware of slowing down, which makes it easier for me to be mindful moment by moment which in turn requires that I slow down.  I'm realizing what's important isn't how fast I get to the destination but the quality of my time on the journey.  My awareness of that seems ahead of my action as I have a lot of improvement to make in this area of slowing down.  That I'm doing slowly.

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