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    On Apr 9, 2013 Edit Lak wrote:

    Yehh, I get it. Well I understand this more now than when I was younger.
    I understand it more, but the complexity of aging in life has made it more difficult to love, or so some people would believe and truly want to believe that, some think they need someone else, some, want something else, some require a stimulant to feel the love, but, some also know that love doesn’t need, want or require anything, because love flows in many colours and in many directions from one heart centre of self.
    I feared the word Mystic when I was young, Oh, If I only know then what I know now  :-)  Isn’t it the case!  If I only knew what love meant, If I only took the time to see and feel the love;
    I + love = You 
    When I look at you, I see ME, so love is the continuum,
    We are the love, and we are the ones that chose to open up to love and give love or even just revile in love, but ultimately, it is ‘US’ and that love is as individual as we are. This reading was enlightening, as I read, I realised that the virtue for me, or my virtue is to learn and make all the mistakes and have the lesson before me in my own experiences. That for me is life, learning, growing and true love. So now Imp sort of glad that I didn’t know this when I was younger, otherwise where would I have learned this part of my life love. Thank you, I am looking forward to learning more of life’s and self’s love.

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