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    On Apr 7, 2013 a wrote:

     I am drawn again and again to the question, How to cultivate the heart quality?  In teaching math, we often use a box shaped illustration, with two openings carved out.  The "what goes in" opening is at the top of the box and the "what comes out" opening is at the bottom.  If I were to place one marble through the "in" port, what would come out?  The answer would depend on what happens inside the box.  
    In matters related to Love (God), I could use a "heart shape" with a similar space for input and output.
    For me to properly Love anyone (my God, husband, son, friend, enemy, anything, anyone)
    #1  the Spring from which my heart is fed, has to come from Heaven . . .
    #2  the "input valve" has to be patent for His Love to enter . . .
    #3  the first chamber has to openly receive it
    #4  the second chamber has to feed it to the "lungs" 
    Prayer, Study, Spiritual fitness, Eucharist, Relationship, Oxygen, Life, Getting rid of waste, Becoming new
    #5  the third chamber "catches" the, now bolstered/supported by earthly learnings/experience, Love 
    #6  the fourth chamber would share it with the rest of "the body"/people! (The strength of this chamber determines the extent and effectiveness of it's output.)
    Sometimes, love stops here because of fear or blockage.  
    Cultivating a heart?  
    In knowing my heart has the capacity to add, subtract, multiply and divide Love . . . 
    more addition and multiplication happens when cultivation begins and ends with God.   
    Very much appreciate the words written by others.  Thank you!

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