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    On Apr 6, 2013 david doane wrote:

    Being differentiates into a zillion forms, each of us being a unique expression of Being.  Being  is the source, the love-spring.  Virtue also rises from the love-spring and expresses through us.  Being is good, and each of us and virtue is good.  Virtue that rises from the love-spring flows naturally through us until it is hindered and misdirected by obstacles that we and society create.  Such virtue is allowed, not learned.  Learning can be important in helping us learn how to not create obstacles and eliminate obstacles, and it can be helpful in learning how to express virtue wisely, but the virtue itself is not learned, it 'rises from the love-spring."  In my understanding, selfless love and love for oneself don't need reconciling.  They are one.  Selfless love including of one's self is love that accepts and allows the self because it is.  It is being one's self, being who and what one is, and allowing the self to express.  Selfless love flows naturally, "rising from the love-spring," and not rising out of pride or self aggrandizement.

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