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    On Apr 5, 2013 Conrad P Pritscher wrote:

     Paraphrasing Inayat Khan when asked what  is the virtue that rises from the love spring?, he might say something like he said when asked what is Zen,Khan  would tell the story of a young fish going to the Queen fish and saying something like: "I hear there is a sea.  What is it and where is it?  Love is everyone and everything. when one gets rid of his or her ego, one notices they are one with everyone and everything. That is the reconciliation of selfless love with love – – acceptance for oneself..   I must admit that it is easy to say difficult to do since I do not  approach that very often.  Thank you for the opportunity to respond.  Warm and kind regards to everyone and that is like love to and for you all with myself being included in  us all.

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    On Apr 9, 2013 David Reddy wrote:

    It is interesting that the topic of love has come up for us all to read and think about especially at this time, soon after Easter.

    Good Friday and Easter Monday continues to remind us all -the depth of love God had,has and will have for us-the seven billion odd people of this earth, whom he has created in love and for us to love Him and one another. It was the sacrificial love that drove Jesus Christ  willingly to the horrible death and shame of the cross.The Christian concept of God epitomizes the Real Love and we can all say that "God is Love indeed"

    Please read in the Bible 1 Corinthians Chapter 13 verses 1-13 for fuller definition of the Christian concept of LOVE.
    God bless

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