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    On Mar 28, 2013 David McCuistion wrote:

     I'm afraid I don't agree with Rachel in the article.

    What I "hear" her saying is that, when at a buffet dinner meeting and I am helping or assisting a friend who is recovering from a stroke and walks with a cane, by carrying his/her food to their table that I am expecting something in return, to which I say -- Not So! I am serving a need. Now if that person tells me they do not need my assistance (and I have had people decline my assistance, once even with a wheelchair bound man), all well and good, at least I provided an opportunity to serve that need.

    When I correct an employee who is violating a safety policy and could get hurt, am I fixing the person, helping the person or serving a training need to explain the correct safety procedure. I say I am serving a need to make that person a better employee that might prevent their being terminated unreasonably.

    I get the implication that Rachel doesn't like the word "serve". There are several ways an individual can serve the needs of others, which turn out to be assisting, mentoring, training, helping, etc.

    Maxwell says we should treat everyone like a "10". In that regard service is a relationship among equals. Quite frankly, I feel it has nothing to do with equality, serving others is an obligation as a leader - the magnitude of the service and the outcome is what is important. Servant Leaders don't look for rewards, things in return, or a debt that needs to be repaid.

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