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    On Mar 26, 2013 tryng wrote:

     I don't believe the problem is with the speakers but with the listeners it's through focus and reflection that we can internalize both messages..While a younger brother can motivate , move us,and touch our hearts instantly,because the older is more difficult to understand and not as flowing with his words we're forced to really concentrate ,While we gain knowledge through both it's through internalizing we gain understanding

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    On Mar 26, 2013 SoUSa wrote:

    What you wrote is truth too 'Trying'...... Where a person is within their own perspective and personal journey greatly depends on how well they can "hear" and how much they are able to "grow" matter the Teacher. Both brothers can teach, and bring awareness of great knowledge and understanding to the table, indefinitely.... to those that are open to receive, listen and learn that is.

    People who are younger can become over bored with excitement to consume new knowledge or be driven more by the ego that, to the point they can ask questions or admit they can't quite catch on. This hinders them from gaining valuable knowledge and understanding-from  a teacher that's a peer or an elder. Likewise as elder can be so "stiff neck" and set in their ways, they already know all; the  "I've been around the block more" mentality, the older generations can limit themselves as well as the younger, from the amount of understanding and wisdom that is never ending, (no matter the age) available to gain and benefit from.

     Where I spoke of personal experiences;  personally going through a "lesson" can and will provoke any one to have a more willing  heart and opened mind, that enables them understand and receive benefits  that  wisdom freely gives. When a person has a more negative experience,  especially consistently (  that brings about a sort of trial or pain) this makes a person willing, even desire to shed the ego and be humbled enough to  actually listen and "ear". Then one can benefit from Our Teachers: young or an elder alike- anything that life brings about to teach us, for that matter....... wow this is a great topic.... I love this talking about this :)

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