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    On Mar 26, 2013 SoUSa wrote:

     Knowledge is the "know how".....but only through applying the "know-how" consistently comes  understanding. Understanding leads to experiences that teach the soul and renew and shift  the perspective of the mind/consciousness.Inresult man develops growth- wisdom. Wisdom ONLY comes from knowledge applied. The old man ever speaking but not of any effect, he speaks of knowledge he does not truly understand. Also, He is speaking not for others but or self gain. To  try and "prove" he is wise. Thus his words sounds complicated to the listening ear and truly fades from the listeners mind all together.

    The older man that spoke as a singing bird that made such impact, He was speaking from his personal experiences that gave him he spoke  of true wisdom that not only brought him to the place of the gifts he developed over time, he truly had the  "know- how" that made him wise. (experience is the greatest  teacher) When he spoke of this knowledge and understanding, it impacted the listening ears, because true wisdom effects the depths of every mans soul. Growing/becoming wise  is eternally bonded  with growing in compassion and  love. The man that was so effective was sharing his understanding not to prove he had the knowledge but to share the 'know how "for the listeners to gain understanding as well.His compassion for their lack of understanding was his motives, unlike the first, he was selfLESS...If  the people  didn't right at first, later on through their own personal experiences, from having listening to true wisdom, they  eventually did gain understanding and growth. The blissful state was a result from the understanding unraveling within the mind/consciousness  of those that were listening to the true wise man. Wisdom always brings peace..... " the truth will set you free"   Wisdom IS all understanding and truth, Wisdom always builds a great compassion and love for your fellow brothern <3 Shalom <3


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