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    On Mar 25, 2013 Edit Lak wrote:

    I read this yesterday and didn’t think much about it, it’s nice and that’s all that I thought. Today I was doing my thing when this story popped into my head. The author told us, G.I. Gurdjieff took us on his journey to narrate to us - ‘us’. He told us; “Yes, professor, knowledge and understanding are quite different. Only understanding can lead us to being whereas knowledge is but a passing presence in it” The two old men/brethren went and delivered sermons in their own way, in their own experienced way  - Neither wrong, just living and sharing their experiences, to some it was understood and to others it wasn’t, only because, there either ether or ‘or’ are the levels of our existence of experience, some choose to go and see, live and experience, cutting the cross roads of life without boundaries or following others paths, and some venture into some things when ready, all a personal preference of self , so taking or not taking knowledge comes from that , quickly or slowly understanding knowledge comes from inner self, but whatever that is, all the experiences are so different. That is the being of living and growing and truly “being”. When I am a robot at work nothing comes, but, when I open my mind and move, live, breath, experience, talk, make mistakes, think, sit in silence , relax, much and many wonderful things come from the understanding of being, If that understanding of harmony turns into knowledge I am very grateful for the experience. As each of these brothers lived the same world at the same time they had different experiences through their own ‘selves’ and own set ‘boundaries’  is the same as we live in this world of worlds and have our own experience, understanding of what we believe our knowledge is at any particular time.  This story is still in thought and slowly being understood on different levels. Thank You, it is, it is very interesting.

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    On Mar 26, 2013 Vin wrote:

    These brothers: did they ever raise the family and had children? All the thinking changes if you have any such problems. And what would be a female point of view?


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