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    On Mar 24, 2013 Amy wrote:

     I wrote earlier, that 'Serving Loves'.  True "serving" is of God who IS LOVE.  For love of the body, the heart serves it.  For love of the body, the skin protects it.  For love and service of the body, the digestive tract takes in nourishment and eliminates waste . . .   
    Serving loves!  It is NOT out of pity or moral obligation the heart, skin and digestive tract serve the body . . . rather, it is  because God created it FOR that purpose.  We do what we do because God made us for a specific plan and/or for that specific purpose.  Interdependent  we are.  
    Listening to God is key.  He counts on us to listen and obey . . . to direct our 'service'/way.  
    Personally, I best serve when I am in God/working IN LOVE.  Outside of Love, I can do nothing.
    Very much respecting you and this entry.  SO TRUE!  Thank you! 

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