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    On Mar 19, 2013 P. Sasidhar wrote:

    I disagree with the author. He was trying to create a difference in serving and helping.
    He portrays that helping is inferior as against serving! I feel it is an unnecessary dichotomy.
    A teacher who helps the students doesn't bring down the self esteem but in fact he fosters the self esteem.
    A parent helps the child to grow up. That is the beauty of the relationship. I wouldn't like to call the role of a parent as serving!
    How do we conclude that any two individuals are equal? Equal in what domain? If the author's definition of serving has to be accepted..I am afraid no one can serve other person.
    I feel that one can help and serve fellow creature irrespective of one is at zenith or nadir.

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    On Mar 19, 2013 Thierry wrote:

    The words 'to serve', 'servant', have different connotations according to one's background. In traditional Christian culture to be 'servant of God' was and probably still is a highly valued ideal among Christian monks and nuns. The same is reflected in Islamic culture with birth names like Abdallah or Abdelrahim  all meaning 'servant of God'. Jesus is named Aîssa in the Koran where he is blessed as a great prophet and teacher. He is the one who said: the kingdom is in you, not outside you. Maybe these words have yet to be rightly and widely understood and maybe the times are ripe for this to come about. 

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