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    On Mar 15, 2013 Amy wrote:

     This article sheds light on a "void" I feel in my marriage relationship.  I married a man who had been predominantly "served" as a child and young adult.  He is very confident in himself and believes himself "correct" more often than not.  (Worth the mention, five of seven, in his family, share this "self righteous" quality . . . two out of seven, took after their father, with servant hearts.)
    Since day 1, my husband has been trying to "fix" me.  In doing this, as the article reflects, I am placed in judgment.  "All judgment creates distance, a disconnect and an experience of difference."  SO TRUE!  I feel it!

    Interestingly, if you were to ask my husband  why he "chose me" . . . he'd say, "because she loves."

    Service LOVES!
    "Fixing" (judgment) is of God.
    ***Note:  My husband is a good man!  In sharing this, I did NOT intend to "put down" M.  It is simply interesting how this article put into words "what is" for me.  Thank you for allowing me to share and THANK YOU FOR SHARING! 

     I'll keep reading and learning ~  

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    On Mar 19, 2013 Tristan wrote:

    To Amy(Mar 15), so beautifully expressed. I learnt that too late.

    Also, I didn't understand why the word "serving" was used for the true connecting Love, because it seemed like something for a "servant", giving a feeling of that mentality.

    To me, many people seem deeply broken -- spend a day with me on the streets to feel it. It would do the trick of making me feel better, to trust that life genuinely has a wholesome place for them, but I'd likely be lying to myself then. Emotional barriers&cycles are powerful -- pointing out that everything you need is right here in life for a traumatized someone ignores that an invisible elephant is standing on her/his chest.

    Thanx for good reminder to "serve" them instead of helping&fixing.


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