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    On Mar 12, 2013 smile wrote:

    It is to see, what it is, "AS IT IS", and not what I make of it. Pain or joy both are multiplied as and when I want them too, whether I am aware or not.  If it a physical pain observe and treat, don't sit on it or distract yourself. If pain in mental ( someone said something bad to you or you lost something, etc.) face it and acknowledge it. Distraction to something brighter side just hides it; sometimes skin deep other times bone deep. It showers back at you, now being more or less than before. Just when life bring on that right moment for it to surface. Hence increasing the pile of the burden.
    Watching breathing as he describes, helps to acknowledge and face so I don't stack it up for future and I don't multiply.
    I wouldn't say this unless I am going through some and know it has helped me. I have my detours from path all the time. Thanks for helping me. It is like a string that does not let me go too far : )

    wish best for all.

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