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    On Mar 10, 2013 Edit Lak wrote:

    Yes the shooting arrow, and then more arrows, and then the war of many more life-time arrows. Cupid shot one arrow for love, but we shoot the rest of those arrows for self punishment and self feeling and we begin to feel that pain and  punishment is the way to move forward in life and in society, it’s how to cope and how to hide and ‘mask’ our uniqueness of growing. How messed up can we get, the more we disconnect the more we hurt self, and that hurt is to make us feel better.. Wrong wrong, wrong, but it happens every day, and,  it happens with people lighting a cigarette, having many drinks, binging, purging, cutting, scabbing, hating, ego-mania, gambling, gaming and bullying. The one I see most often is some youth looking down to the ground and not looking up and around, looking down because self worth cannot lift its head, that neck arrow must hurt. In the computer age, the age of so easy, where everything is done instantly where we are actually are given more time, that’s more quality life time to live, so we punish ourselves by disconnecting from our ‘time’ to give us arrow time, to keep shooting more and more arrows and arrows, and the self made guru that sits on the bench and does nothing because he/she is wisdom’ catching has just as many arrow holes in self as the mother, father. child, student, person in the self sabotaging realm of consciousness awareness. So in what school do they teach us not to hurt self and instead to heal and not give shape to pain, in what community is precious life taught, in what part of the world does love come before pain? Well there are some places and cultures in this world that do practice self, love and healing, but it is most probably the smallest minority of the global population. So where are we really then , still shooting arrows no matter how small, cause I know;  ‘No one can kick me, as hard as I can kick myself for doing a bad job’ Where the hell did this thought come from? Oh that’s it, from my school, from home, from the workplace from striving to do the best..  Oh my, it is so imperative that we do change our breath, our thought and our way of being.  Thanissaro Bhikku is correct, the thought and writing is correct for us to experiment and test things out by playing with shapes and colors and thoughts. To think outside of the square to break free of self scars and self punishments. Our memory has pain, memory is not intelligent, it remembers pain, do we need to to stand in front of a car everyday and get run over to know pain - no, the body brings enough old age pain prangs that holds a lifetime of memory in it self, but self hurt must stop..  A lesson for me in this, much gratitude for open life lessons and continual learning xoxo

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