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    On Feb 28, 2013 easyyoga meditation - purus wrote:

     Note : This book is to be read and repeated as slow as a song or poem till you experience The Real Self, Chepter 1.

    The Real Self
    I am a peaceful being of pure light,
    Life energy,
    Seated in the for head.
    From here I operate
    This material body.
    This body is made up of matter,
    Five elements. 
    Sun and sky 
    I am pure light,
    Life energy,
    Emotions and awareness.  
    This body have 
    Five sense organs,
    Ears and
    Hands (skin).
    I the life energy 
    Different activities
    Sense organs.
    With the eyes I the life energy 
    Look the outside world.
    With the nose I the life energy 
    Respire and smell different odors
    With the mouth I the life energy 
    Eat, drink, speak and make sound.
    With the ears I the life energy 
    Hear sound.
    With the hands and the skin I the life energy
    Feel the touch and sensation.
    With the help of these sense organs
    I the life energy perform different activity.
    If I leave this body,  
    This body cannot perform any activity. 
    That means I the life energy, 6th element,
    Is the Operator of this body,
    Is different from this material 
    Bod,y made up of 5 elements.  
    To be continued….           Easyyogy Purus

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