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    On Feb 22, 2013 Bharat J. Chauhan wrote:

     I have started meditating for last one year so whatever I am writing may not carry much authenticity!  I am 57 years old and just sharing my journey in relation to being "ordinary"!  I lived my life until the age of 8 years in a village with no electricity, let alone other basic amenities of modern world.  Life was totally in sync with nature and retrospectively thinking, it was ordinary!  Sunrise and sound of rooster woke me up and seeing return of our cow from its Shepard monitored grazing routine, setting of the sun, taking dinner with family before it got dark and listening to grandma's stories under open sky putting me to deep sleep!  Life was so peaceful!  Being ordinary was so natural!!!

    Then when it happened I don't know but started getting conditioned to have aim, goals, always doing something to get something, becoming successful, becoming a health care professional, coming to USA and settling.........those 49 years spent conditioning myself to find out that actually speaking, once again I need to something, I need to do meditation to be just "being", just "ordinary"

    In other words as author of this read says I started meditation to get something!

    Thank you Yogi Mccow for giving a wake up call!  I am so glad!  I have at least good  memory of what "just being" should feel like or what "being ordinary" should be!  

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