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    On Feb 21, 2013 Edit Lak wrote:

    Thank you, thank you, and thank you. Ahh thank you. I have no need to say anything else than; thank You Yogi Mccaw. ‘It is what it Is’, that is the experience in-it-self, of ‘being’ - just ‘being’.. At some needy point in my life, I looked at these super sellers of meditation and yoga, promising the golden land of nirvana and bliss, I went looking for that bliss, I was so disappointed that I wasn’t seeing the light, that I was SO wrong, I was then told to fake it, well I tried that for a very short time only to realise I was faking much more than what I was looking for, because once you start to fake one thing in life that then rolls onto two, three 4  5 and 6… It’s all a distraction from being. So one day at the traffic lights I realised that being ‘just being’ true to self and ‘experiencing’ is he phenomenal existence to bliss ‘good or bad.’ We make bliss and nirvana happen each day and that was hilarious, we live in the good each day and we chose to change it to whatever dramas we bind ourself too at any particular moment in time and life. But this is just my experience of living a life and that ‘ living’ is the tool.. 'Im just a tool in life' :-) hehehe. But each to there own amazing life’s experiences.. Thank you for this wonderful ‘really honest’ read. Loved it..

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