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    On Feb 20, 2013 Pauline wrote:

     Hi. I work in Public Service where the work  and duties is determined by the choice of your profession and the administrator of that scheme of service for that profession that you chose on entry. At one time during a change over in government after a general election, I was removed from my professional work and moved to do support services. My immediate supervisor was retiring and wanted to be considered for a contract if there were no other officer qualifying to take over. Since I was qualified...with academic and experience, the only way the officer could get the contract was to make sure that I was moved to a new  station and this was done after I was put through direct humiliations and tribulations.My job there entailed a lot of local and international travel. So there was a lot of equity coming my way in liquid cash, that I saved for education purposes.The office yielded power and high level interactions.Now all that was removed with a stroke of a pen in a few minutes through  a transfer letter that was pushed under my door.
    I took only seven minutes to hand over a computer that I had borrowed from another department, picked my documents bag and my handbag and walked to my new station, that was  only about 200 meters away. I never accumulated anything that I felt I should get attached to. So while I was on my way, I made a mobile telephone call to my supervisor and told the officer that I had left the department to my new station. I could sense relieve and joy in the voice of my supervisor as we spoke.I felt no anger at all.

    That was five years ago. I struggled to put my children through university because all my savings from local and international travel were no more. I have learnt a lot in my life experiences. One of them is that I can only hold dearly on to what God has given me each day. I believe that everything in my life belongs to parents, my children, my job, ... everything and God chooses what I should have and experience each day.That He gives and He takes.So I hold no anger, grudge or bitterness towards anyone involved in that situation because I believe that God works through people.I also viewed the transfer as an opportunity to learn new skills and grow in new  enriching ways.

    In God I trust and Believe.

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