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    On Feb 15, 2013 Conrad P. Pritscher wrote:

     Thanks for the opportunity to respond.  As usual, my knowing is very limited yet I hope this email response is a healing roar.  What came to me as I was reading was that I frequently get angry in a closed manner.  I hope my anger now is open as I notice white racism still so predominant in our society.   White society has been encouraged by the likes of Hume and Kant  to disrespect people of color.  Whites often grow up not knowing why they think they are better than people of color, but from my experience, that seems to be the case with many white people.  It is not that whites think white people are better, but rather, whites have semi-consciously been taught that people of color are not quite as good as whites. As a result, I find myself, at times, being ashamed of being white. 
    I now notice that it is easier for me to speak of anger  about injustices such as racism, than it is for me to speak about the frequent closed anger I have for many little things I do and don't do.
      I hope more white people talk to white people about racism.  I find it is rarely done, at least in Midwest America.  Whites need to talk to other whites about the injustices whites have done to people of color, particularly African-Americans, so that white awareness of racism becomes more widespread. as whites have inherited many assets over the years, we must now realize that we also inherited liabilities.
      Being openly angry about racial injustice (and  other injustice) sounds fine to me. We may even begin to think of reimbursement for the racial injustice.   I also notice that we have never given 40 acres and a mule – – with interest – – to offspring of slaves. Let us practice this type of open anger with loving kindness.  Warm and kind regards to everyone.  Conrad ,.a recovering racist.

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