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    On Feb 15, 2013 a wrote:

     Dear Thierry,
    I learned to be fearful when . . . 
    I was not allowed to speak (children meant to be seen and not heard)
    I was not allowed an opinion (parents,  teachers, church leaders need always be right)
    Inferior (because my best friend was an A student . . . me, a "B")
    I met evil in people (it's all around us)
    Injustice (Life on earth is NOT FAIR)
    Freedom/dignities denied (again, it's all around us)

    I learned to be fearless when . . .
    I met Jesus
    He wants me "to speak" . . . He made my vocal cords 
    He gave me "an opinion" . . . He designed my brain
    Equality in Him . . . HE is The Judge and Jury
    I find the way in Him . . . He is the Path
    Light in Him  . . . NO DARKNESS
    Fairness in Him . . . come to Me, ALL of you
    Compassion in Him . . . Care for ALL 
    Love in Him . . . 

    In the world, I fear
    In Jesus, I fear not (less)

    In reality, I fear
    Tucked in His Spirit, is where I choose to reside. 

    Life in His Spirit has become a reality for me.  Life outside His Spirit, He did not intend me to be.  (I always tell God, Jesus and Spirit . . . if YOU are not going, neither am I!)

    Full confidence in the Fearlessness of Heaven,

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