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    On Feb 12, 2013 Rekha wrote:

     Most things we fear are inventions of our own mind. So you have a choice to act the way you want to. The biggest fear in a human life is to losing a source of happiness. That fear will go away or slowly mitigate if we define what is happiness. Is it the worldly pleasures which are transient in nature or is it your soul's connection with the Ultimate Soul, the God. If we are mindful of the cause or effect of the current source of distress and how is our reaction to it going to affect our goals of meditation, then some of our fears will surely start to melt away. We need to also stop feeling so powerful that any unforeseen event makes you feel powerless. Not everything which is happening around us, is the direct effect or cause of what we or others are doing right now. There are some past Karmas as well, and if we start recognizing and acknowledging the past Karmas as well, then we might be able to break away from the cycle.

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