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    On Feb 12, 2013 Edit Lak wrote:

    I love Thich Nhat Hanh, I truly love Thich Nhat Hanh.
    But what I have learned in my trip in this life is that fear is without a doubt inevitable!! Yes indeed – without a doubt. The daily change in life, world, self, politics, religion, laws bring fears into life, and, that fear bring it to life. Fear is a part of breath, the same way love is. I have been very ill once and that illness made me fear more than ever before, but that fear sent me to ‘accept’, then that moved me forward to a realisation, so fear is the journey in itself with ‘self’. I would lie if I said I still did not fear the past illness, but I now love my fear in that it drives you to change things, fear drives many, and fear is the crossroads of ‘self’ moving forward or ’not’ from our fears. We breath in of course, we breath in everything - we breath in love, anger, forgiveness, selfishness, ego, divinity, selflessness and everything, we then breath out everything also, we breath in again, and with each breath we continue to grow and learn of life, self, world, with fear and lessons to grow into love… Thank you for a wonderful read..

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