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    On Feb 10, 2013 a wrote:

     Being the queen of fear, I have learned that I need to, again and again, "feel the fear but do (what I fear) it anyway!"
    If my fear prevents me from "doing" something, I feel horrible.  When I step through it, I win.  
    I just got off a weekend retreat with 388 women.  Last evening, I was called by name (I was in the audience) by the, on stage, performing musician to do an interpretive dance.  This was unplanned . . . the song was unfamiliar  . . . he simply trusted I could do this "spontaneously".  I crawled under the table, in my mind, as those around me were encouraging me, in and thru the power of the Holy Spirit, to do as I was asked!  ( I had had done two others and they assumed a third would be no big deal for me!  Outside my organized comfort zone, I was paralyzed.  Not doing it, would have meant "me giving in to fear" . . . and not trusting the Giver of my gift.
    For love of "my brother" and in obedience to God, I did it.  I can't say that I, personally, "felt" joy . . . but by the show of tears/reaction of the attending women, there was JOY!
    J  esus
    O thers
    Y ou 
    For the joy of it, we have to keep coming out of the closets fear keep us in.

    Always LOVE!


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