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    On Feb 6, 2013 Willow wrote:

     I think that maybe when we assign values like 'good' or 'evil' to each force, we immediately start to preference one over the other and create internal imbalance. If we don't look on the black wolf as bad and the white wolf as good, but both having equal value if their characteristics are harnessed properly, then I think it makes sense to feed both. For example, when I feel really angry about something, but then out of guilt, suppress that anger and tell myself I'm bad or wrong to be feeling anger, it just festers away inside and gets worse. But if I honestly take my anger out into the light and look and it, usually I find there is a valid reason for  the anger I am feeling. When I do something to address the reason I am feeling angry then naturally the anger goes away. In that sense, the 'bad' emotions can be seen as really useful messengers to us about dangers we might be ignoring, or as fierce guardians trying to protect us from harm. I never heard this Cherokee story before but find it has great wisdom.

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