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    On Feb 5, 2013 Avantika wrote:

     This story is simply amazing. The wisdom here is what speaks of compassion. The ability to give love and care to every thing that the universe sends to you. When you ignore any one feeling or emotion, it tends to come back strong and forceful, and then it will cause imbalance in you. In my own experience I suppressed a lot of negative emotion and finally it turned into a black hole.
    Recently I realized that I need to acknowledge every single thing that comes to me, how i react is something that I can decide. After all every emotion visits you to lead you to some action, they are like the tools that is used to shape you, and help you realize the wisdom. 
    Now when I see anger in me, I try to see why is here, and what is it telling me to do, and then it leads me to wisdom. Infact every negative thing is just craving for attention and love. Just open your heart and mind to the message. And you will see the Black and White wolf will become one.

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