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    On Feb 5, 2013 Thierry wrote:

    As we were once weeding a garden a friend asked me: just how sure can we be that that such and such 'bad' weeds are not somewhat useful to the cultivated plants? Weeds do participate to the synergy of  the whole. Having to eliminate these evil looking weeds by any means, including through the use of chemicals, is still a credo with many farmers and gardeners. And similarly many of us are conditioned to suppress or repress their psychological equivalent. In the words of Joseph Campbell: 'Our religious conditioning invites us to take a stand between Good and Evil while the Indian's law invites him to put himself in accord with nature.... All the devil is, is a repressed Daemon' , by this meaning the Greek term for the dynamic unconscious, the dynamic of nature.
    I can only say that the words of the old Cherokee now ring true to me as do those  teachings which invite us to acknowledge those dynamic forces. Fears, be it the fear of loosing control, always motivate our compulsions to repress. When we  are aware of this tendency and see how counterproductive it is to deny the facts, we regain inward freedom as well as effectiveness.

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