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    On Feb 1, 2013 a wrote:


    My husband (when he was still my boyfriend) challenged me to try to 'cut off' the highest peaks and the lowest valleys in my "emotional cycles".  At first, (for years) I was disappointed that "he was trying to "change" me . . . that he did not like me the way I was.  With time and practice, however, I learned the wisdom of his suggestion.  He wanted to help me be more emotionally healthy.   The extreme ups . . . and extreme downs, do nothing for us.  (They tire us out and make us feel even worse.)  Flattening out our "line of emotion" (mountains become hills . . . valleys become divots) enables us to to "stay in better control" of our thoughts and responses.
    This was very difficult for me to do, as 'I am what I am' . . . DNA, experience and former modeling did NOT support the new "emotional plan".  I can say, in the past 30 years, (however) I have come a long way in this area.  I am definitely more comfortable knowing that I have a degree of control over my emotions.  No one can do it for me . . . EVERYDAY, I have to do it for myself  (folks around me and my Maker).   

    Love yourself the way He loves you!


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