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    On Feb 1, 2013 Sandra wrote:

     I've heard this story before, perhaps with variations.  It's difficult to follow the migration from angry, arrogant, inferior wolf to one who also has tenacity, courage, etc.  I wonder if we in society don't get confused about all that?  Some traditions would suggest those negative qualities are just the dark, or abused so-to-speak sides of fearlessness and courage.  My studies have convinced me all that evil is no part of spiritual being, evil is a pretender.  Some suggest just watching those angry thoughts, letting them drift away, as opposed to "feeding" them.  Others suggest denouncing them and adhering to, acknowledging that only the good, joyful, caring, etc. qualities are real, or powerful, or even present.  Paying attention to the evil, error would for me only give it power it has not on its own.  It's perhaps the age old debate about picking up the child every time it cries.  My suggestion is we all revisit the notion that a spiritual child of God could have any real darkness inside, that the struggle we deal with is with false gods?

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