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    On Jan 29, 2013 Beth wrote:

     This is the major lesson to learn for me this lifetime, for I have been disowned from my parents and in my time of most need cast aside by my sister.  These are people who when needs arise they conveniently forget the past and sweep the mess under the rug and go forward never to speak of things again.  When my father was dying it was me who has the temperament, compassion, and kindness to sit with the near dead and dying.  As I did I began to see the man inside the mask.  Although I longed for him to say he loved me he never did, yet in his eyes I saw how much he did care and how deep his love really was.  I have to wonder if that isn't the same with the rest of the family.  Year after year of their selfish behavior I have offered less and less opportunity for them to hurt me.  Yet by distancing myself I am doing anything?  Time after time I have allowed myself to to be hurt and this has been my course of action, to disassociate.  This poem makes me realize how much love we each possess.  For me to grasp this lesson, I have been bringing myself back into their lives and see them as they are and love them with all their faults and limitations.  I do however still keep it safe by not speaking politics and religion lol.  I've also given up hope of them ever seeing me as I truly am so if they do it will be a most pleasant surprise.

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