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    On Jan 29, 2013 Ricky wrote:

    After reading the poem (thank you for the choice submission it is), and the brilliant responses, I see this series of questions a synopsis from an author who has been quietly reflecting on the inner struggles surrounding our collective definition of love and resistance to Love.  Should we continue living our present life under the impression that God is an entity outside us and not the Divine within, we will most certainly continue to resist being comfortable within our own selves, and therefore continue labeling emotions and actions good and bad, happy and sad, life-giving and life-sapping, up and down.  'Judge not, lest ye be judged'.  'Love your neighbor as yourself.'  'Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.'  I'm with Ganoba here, for sure. 

    Life can either be liberating and freeing from all of this self-loathing, or it can be a self-imposed sentence of struggle and frustration and perceived defeats.  My experience reminds me that being aware of this personal tug of war is the practice.  After I have reacted to several of these episodes of negative self-talk a day with the question 'why do I do this all the time' which results in inner violence, being aware that I am doing this is the practice.  Then comes karuna, compassion for the human and the constant struggle, and then comes upeksha, equanimity, for all other beings struggling as well.

    I again thank you for bringing these insights to us every week and providing an opportunity for all to reflect on what makes our journey collective and brilliant, always.       

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