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    On Jan 28, 2013 a wrote:

    The only One who can fully answer "Yes" to this litany of questions would be God Himself.  By grace, we are able to love . . . but only to a point.  Because we are people, in our weakness (in our sin), we can only do our best in "loving" our own and  other's weaknesses.  
    When I am at work, or in other public arenas, I am best able to love and accept differences.  Because it is both professionally and spiritually correct, I pray for the grace to OUTWARDLY love, accept and handle people correctly/tenderly.  I was brought up with the "do unto others as you would want them to do unto you" notion heavily engrained.  I still fail miserably, however,  when compared to the One Who made me.
    I have greatest difficuly loving . . .
    ~people who feel the need to elevate themselves to make small their neighbor
    ~people who shame other people (in my home and church, the words "shame on you" spoken freely)
    ~too much talk
    ~too much volume
    ~righteous attitudes of "I am right and you are wrong" 
    Love the sinner . . . dislike the sin . . . 
    it's all about Grace . . . not there yet,


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