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    On Jan 20, 2013 Conrad P. Pritscher wrote:

     I wish to thank you David and Ricky for their excellent comments.  Thanks also for the opportunity to respond.  What comes to mind after reading this piece and the comments is that awareness is the key to peaceful living.  Noticing one's noticing while one is noticing is awareness.  Before we can give attention to "what is" we need to be open to receive.  Openness to experience is a key.  I am reminded of Lane Gerber's 1968, University of Chicago doctoral dissertation with the title: "Openness to Experience." To paraphrase Gandhi: There is no way to openness.  Openness is the way.  Please contact your school board to arrange for your local schools to use social/emotional programs which tend to increase student openness and awareness.  Presently, too often schools and universities do not give attention to much other than developing special skills so that the economy will flourish.  If the development of special skills remains  the primary goal of schools and universities, openness and awareness will remain underdeveloped and our environment  will continue to be endangered.  Human nature coupled with a variety of other natures is all of one nature.  You are invited to be open to what that might be.  Schools and universities which permit students to study what students find to be remarkable, interesting, and important tend to greatly increase that openness and awareness.  Warm and kind regards to everyone.

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