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    On Jan 19, 2013 david doane wrote:

     "Our plans are small and somewhat absurd."  To me that statement is only half of the story, the other half being that our plans are significant.  What is really important is the big picture, which is the health of our planet.  Each of us is only a speck and our individual plans and actions are typically small and absurdly feeble, while on the other hand all of us is a force and our cumulative plans and actions make a difference.  We are part of this planet, and what we do to it we do to ourselves.  It is absurd that we do anything that harms it since in the process we also harm ourselves.  It only makes sense that we take good care of this planet since in the process we take good care of ourselves.  That seems so obvious and simple, and yet it's apparently important to say over and over since we continue individually and collectively to pollute and trash our planet and thus ourselves, which is so small, short-sighted and absurd of us to do.  I connect personally with this "place" in my awareness which has come to be that we are one and we are one with this planet, and I have come to ache that we abuse it/us.  It is a timeless landscape in that the actions of each of us and all of us ripple and have effects that go on timelessly -- we better be careful and wise with our plans and actions. 

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