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    On Jul 23, 2018 david doane wrote:

    What I say may be for the other a seed that blossoms into a breathtaking flower or it may reduce me in the other's mind to a withering weed.  I hope for the former, and know that I don't control how the other responds.  There is always unpredictability in communication.  What I do control and what is my resonsibility is to compassionately express my truth.  The control and choice we have is in what and how we communicate.  Hopefully we communicate in a way that is entrainment, which the author says physicists call mutual phase locking.  It's mutual heart to heart and even soul to soul interconnection, intervibration, synchrony.  I felt such entrainment recently as I was with a group of long time close friends.  It's entrainment being enlivening and fulfilling that helps me stay committed to it.  We are most healthy and happy when there is entrainment.  Like it or not, we are intersubjective, we do communicate, and with effort we can entrain. 

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