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    On Dec 26, 2012 a wrote:

    One's Spirituality is poured out in/thru one's every word, breath, action, expression . . . in anything and everything that comes out of us!  Whether sleeping or awake, our spirit is revealed by who ever our audience may be (most often, God alone).  Anything that is not physical, falls into the "spiritual", for any living being.
    This is why my spirit is very much attracted to God's Spirit.  His Word, Breath, Expression, Action . . . all boil down to Love and Life.  
    He is ALL GOOD!  Spirits affixed to His, not only survive but flourish.  Dependent on any other . . . I do not really care to go there!
    Personal story:  As a child, I was drawn to my best friend Mary's family and home . . . God centered/Spirit filled.  Not perfect, but incredibly Love filled . . . incredibly Peace filled . . . incredibly different from my own home and family.  I decided I would invite Jesus' Spirit, Heart, Life and Love into my Spiritual home (myself) . . . so that He could live in me.  He works!  Bless you!         

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