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    On Dec 21, 2012 Conrad P Pritscher wrote:

     I experienced the essence of spirituality when I noticed what I thought was a hungry man looking in a garbage can for food.  I gave him a couple of dollars.  He was deeply appreciative and had great gratitude.  I experienced gratitude for having the opportunity to feed someone hungry. Being kind to others  and yourself is the essence of spirituality.  I've not yet found any sure way to set myself free from the tyranny of conditioning.  I am still  somewhat conditioned to have a "me first " attitude. Reading iJourney pieces and comments about those short articles has helped me reduce my "me first" attitude.  I have been very heavily influenced by and iJourney to be more spiritual in the sense of seeing myself as Stardust at times helping other pieces of Stardust, and noticing other pieces of Stardust helping my piece of Stardust. A s was recently mentioned  in I journey comments,we are not drops in an ocean.  We are the ocean made of drops. Each of us is the universe made of pieces of Stardust. (my voice recognition program capitalized Stardust,  The voice recognition program has not yet learned to distinguish between self and Self.) Happy holidays to everyone.  Warm and kind regards to everyone and thanks for giving me the opportunity to respond.

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