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    On Dec 18, 2012 Ricky wrote:

    First of all, kudos to each of the comments already submitted. A wonderful read for today to be sure!
    Second, the article submission itself is a profound and insightful piece.  Welcome to high school teaching.  Teachers are put on the spot every minute (sans the cushion and the painting and actually the rapt attention!)  And, lastly, I am reminded of a particular statement (paraphrased) from steps about affective listening; do not focus on the speaker, but on what's being said-the words themselves.

    We each have words of wisdom to share.  In many ways, it's our purpose to share what we learn from our unrepeatable experiences that help shape who we are, which is a one of a kind.  We are to make our time here meaningful and to help leave this glorious experience in an enhanced way focusing on service for others.  We share insights as a manner of everyday conversation in the effort to inspire others into actions that are reflective of the care we can show for fellow human beings, the environment, and even the every day to do list, and our friends endure this all the time!  We share, sending the vibrations of the spoken or written word out, and then need to put down the burden we self-impose about how it is to be received.  What a wonderful anecdote by the driver to just be again focused on the task at hand and let go of the quotable and brilliant insight!  It makes me smile.


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