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    On Dec 11, 2012 a wrote:

     Literature of the Spirit:  "It's the song that my heart sings."
    The Power of Myth in my life:  "I am a servant. To family, to extended family, to the children I work with at school (my workplace), to church, . . .  I serve.  As in the story of Cinderella, the main character "worked" but her spirit carried her  elsewhere.  Myth assists one to be in two places at one time . . . where we are . . . and where the "literature of our spirit" takes us.  "The power of myth in life" . . .  takes us (spiritually) out of routine . . . lifts us from painful places . . . teaches . . . entertains . . . helps us endure . . . .  Cinderella was portrayed as being a happy person.  She was happy, not because of her physical circumstances, but rather because of her "heart/spirit/mind song."
    Life is hard.  Myths transcend us.  (And I think God smiles, as He listens to our "stories" . . . our human attempt to muddle through life . . . in most creative ways!)   

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